Minnesota to Arizona

Minnesota to Arizona

Sky Harbor International Airport

Arizona to Minnesota

It’s time for a trip home (Minnesota)! I am sitting at Sky Harbor International Airport – ready to board a plane to Minneapolis. It has been 1-1/2 yrs since I have last been back to my home town of Owatonna – and way to long since I have last seen Mom (this is a surprise trip – nobody knows!).

Minnesota to Arizona

In 2004 my wife, (high-school sweet-heart) three junior high & high-school kids, and I, sold everything we had and set out  for a new life in Arizona.  Health reasons is what triggered our decision (rheumatoid arthritis). Our decision has been far from easy but, has made us a stronger well rounded family.

What we miss the most is family! In June of  2011 we had a daughter that fell in love on a previous trip to Owatonna, and decided to move back. The second thing we miss, are the change of seasons in Minnesota. What we don’t miss are the cold winters and mosquitos.

We have never regretted starting a family and raising our kids in a small town. Our life is definitely different in Arizona verses Minnesota. Both states are great places to live and would be hard to choose – if  health reasons were not the driving factor. Minnesota has a lot of great memories and, sitting here at the airport, brings all of those memories back.

Moving from Minnesota to Arizona has taught us a lot about ourselves and in hind site, we would do it all over again.

Moving Minnesota to Arizona?

If you are contemplating the same move, please feel free to call and ask questions – whether  you are looking for a winter / vacation home or year around home.

Jarl Kubat moved from Minnesota to Arizona
Jarl Kubat

Jarl Kubat of ARIZONA RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES | JustJarl.com – a Minnesota native. Jarl specializes in selling homes in 55 plus Retirement Communities throughout the Greater Phoenix Metro area. He can be reached at (480) 710-6326