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New Homes AZ 55+ Communites

Have you been looking at resale homes in Arizona Retirement Communities (55+)? Not finding what you like? Maybe its time to consider building a new Arizona home. There are currently about 10 retirement communities around Phoenix offering brand new homes (call for details).

Many of the homes for sale in the older 55 plus communities are in need of some form of updating. In addition to the updating, several of the older homes for sale have low ceilings (8′) and only a 2 car garage. A new Arizona home has much to offer. Several of the builders are offering a certain level of customization (offering you the opportunity to choose everything: colors, cabinets, flooring, lot location etc…).

Builder Does Not Represent YOU!

Remember when visiting the builders office at a new community, no matter how nice the sales person is that greets you at the door and registers your name — They represent the builder… not YOU! Their job is to get the builder the highest price possible. Also, be careful what you say to the sales person at the builders office, they can tell by your words and actions, how interested you are. This will effect your negotiations when moving forward with a newly built home.

Negotiating Sale Price

Yes, new home builders will negotiate on base price, lot premiums and/or, incentives at the time of ordering. Don’t visit a builders office the first time without representation. Builder’s work with Buyers agents on a regular basis. A buyers agent that is familiar with the new building process will save you money when negotiating final build price.

Buyer’s Agent Fee (commission)

Your new home, will not cost you more when working with a buyer’s agent. The agent’s commission is paid by the builder. Get the representation you deserve! Call Jarl (me – 480-710-6326) before visiting the builders office. I will save you money when building a new home.