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Sunland Village Sold Golf Course Home

Update: Please visit the “New” Sunland Village Community Page.

The video above is of a Sunland Village golf course home just SOLD! This 55 plus Arizona Retirement Community in Mesa, Arizona has a great golf course with spectacular views.

Golf Course Home Values

Golf homes in most Arizona Retirement Communities are hard to find. When a new listing becomes available, they are usually the first homes to sell. Buying a home on the golf course usually adds $30 – $70k in value – compared to other homes not on the course (taking location, other ad-dons, and upgrades into consideration).

If you have interest in buying a home on the golf course in a retirement community please explore the links below. Customized home searches in a particular community that fit your specific criteria are also available. Please call or e-mail me if you would like a free automatic custom home search set up.

Google Map Search Arizona Retirement Communities

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Retirement Community Locations

map search Arizona 55 plus communitiesThe above Google map search Arizona 55 plus communities. Map shows the exact location of more than forty retirement communities throughout the Phoenix metro area. Map is interactive so click away – to explore some of Arizona’s Best Retirement Communities. Click on the blue location markers to see a current list of homes for sale within each community. The map above also allows you to zoom in and out on a particular community. You can also pan the map, by a right click and hold with your mouse.

***Note***: The links to your left, are the updated pages of homes for sale in all the 45 & 55 plus communities in the Phoenix metro area — Those links allow you to search the current list of homes for sale, community HOA fees, and community amenities / features.

Winter Visitors Return 2012


Arizona Winter Visitors

The parking lots, activity centers, golf course, and tennis courts around Sunland Village East are once again buzzing with activity. The 2012 – 2013 winter visitors started returning from all over the country / countries the middle of October. Just walking through the parking lot you see license plates from Canada, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota, etc…

Winter Visitors – Increased Demand

If you are getting skunked with finding a winter rental in an Arizona Retirement Community, you can blame that on the ever increasing number of retiring baby boomers and Canadians. Their demand for warmer winters, have made finding a winter rental in Arizona very difficult.

Time to Buy!

There is still time to fly down to Arizona to find your very own vacation home. Interest rates are at all time lows. Home prices are up in the various Arizona Retirement Communities but, they are going up slowly compared to the Real Estate boom years of 2004 – 2007. Please explore the links to the left of this article. Once you find a home that fits your budget and peaks your interest – give me a call!

I look forward to meeting you in person and would appreciate your business!