Cottonwood Sun Lakes 2010 HOA Fees

View Cottonwood Sun Lakes 2010 HOA Fees

Cottonwood Country Club is an Arizona Active Adult Retirement Community in Sun lakes, Arizona . Cottonwood Country Club 55 resort style living offers a public golf  course, tennis, fitness center, swimming, sporting, social, and craftsman activities.

2010 Home Owners Fees:

  • Capital Improvement Fee (payable one time at close of escrow):  $1,114.00
  • Resale Transfer Fee (payable one time at close of escrow): $350.00
  • Annual Home Owners Association Fee (H.O.A. Fee): $1,114.00
  • Associate Membership: $557.00/yr
  • Special Assessment: $1,428.00

Condos have the same above listed fees plus monthly fees based off of square footage. Monthly fees include:  water, sewer, garbage, roof repair / roof replacement, blanket insurance policy, pest control, and exterior maintenance of unit.

Review more community information and current HOA fees for Cottonwood:

*Note: we are not associated with the “Home Owners Association” above fees are subject to change without advance notice of this website.

Arizona – It’s A Dry Heat

Arizona Heat
It’s A Dry Heat!

Arizona Heat

Moving to AZ? Don’t let the Arizona heat bother you – “It’s A Dry Heat”. I was born and raised in Southern Minnesota and I moved to Arizona full time in 2004. My wife, 3 kids and I owned and operated a tree service in Owatonna, Mn. ( Kubat’s Tree Care).

Arizona and Arthritis

In my late thirty’s I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. My pain was much worse in the summer time than it was in the winter because of the humidity and the changing high and low pressure systems day in and day out. The Dr’s. at the “Mayo Clinic” in Rochester, Mn tried me on several medications and like my father, I was allergic to them all.

The Rheumatologist that  I went to see in March of 2004 had just transferred from from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He joked that his arthritis patients didn’t need him in Arizona because they felt much better there. I told him that I planned on moving there when I retired. After visiting with him for a while he said with the amount of pain I was having that I might not be walking by the time I reached my mid 40’s.

After much deliberation my wife and 3 teenagers (at the time) decided it was time for a change. By August of 2004 we had sold our business, shop, and home to 3 different buyers in less than 3 weeks. The last 6 years have been challenging to say the least. We miss our friends and family and we do miss the changing seasons of  Minnesota.  My wife and 3 kids I think, would all vouch for me ( ? ). I believe we have grown stronger as a family and would not change our experience for anything.

It’s been 6 years and after a year and a half  I was not on any medication. I have been very fortunate to have slowed and for a time even stopped my Arthritis progression. I still have my days but nothing like the pain I experienced when living in Minnesota. When the weather gets miserable in the Mid-West it’s miserable “24 – 7”. When the weather gets hot in Arizona- if you wake up early it is nice until 10 a.m. or 105 degrees – which ever comes first. Arizona does not participate  in daylight savings time so, in the evening our sun starts to set around 6 p.m. The weather from 6 p.m. till whenever you go to bed is absolutely gorgeous! There are no mosquitoes either.

If your living with Arthritis in any other parts of the country and considering a move to Arizona either full time or as a winter resident, give me a call and I would be more than happy to share my experience with you.

Kindest Regards,

Jarl Kubat

Palo Verde Sun Lakes Community Map

Palo Verde Sun Lakes Community Map

Palo Verde Sun Lakes Community Map

Palo Verde a 55 plus  guard gated golf resort style retirement community in Sun Lakes, Arizona. This community has numerous sporting and social activities.