Testimonial  6/26/2013

Upon arriving from out of state, we didn’t know we needed a realtor. We thought we could just drive around and find a home. Very few agents whose names were on for sale signs bothered to call us back and many who did, brushed us off bluntly saying, “It’s sold.”

Jarl Kubat called us back quickly with a completely different response, “That place is sold but I can help find just the right home for you.” And he did, after showing us several homes meeting the requirements on our list.

This guy, Jarl, is a problem solver. He really works for you. When we found “our” home, he helped us figure out how much to offer along with the best strategy to get it. When our offer was accepted, he made sure the inspection was done properly, the needed repairs made, and that the closing was painless. Then, imagine a real estate agent stopping by to help fix some unexpected problems in a home after the buyers have moved in it! That’s what Jarl did for us.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Jarl Kubat gets 15.

Glen and Mary Ella Griffin


Testimonial  9/05/2012

Dear Jarl,

I want to thank you for a job well done in helping me get my “place in the sun”. Your professionalism was excellent, your assistance went way beyond the duties of a real estate agent. Buying a home is a tremendous investment, and you were there for me every step of the way. Needless to say, I would highly recommend you to any of my friends. I have sent you a small gift to show my appreciation. You should receive it in a day or two.

Again, Jarl, thanks so very much!

Jean Lillard

The proud owner of #277

Testimonial 6/11/2012


Retirees and sun lovers!!

If you are 55 + and want an A+ professional to help you we highly recommend Jarl R. Kubat. He helped us to evaluate which retirement community best fit our needs and wants. Just don’t wait, do it now. We hesitated and our first 3 choices were gone before we even got a bid in on them. Jarl knows the retirement areas and how to find any potential problems. GOOD LUCK!!

Dale and Susan Householder  – Scottsbluff, NE


Testimonial 8-12-2011

Thank you Jarl, for your prayers –I can use them more then you know.  I want to thank you Jarl for being the GREAT real estate agent that you are.  I’m sorry we had to stop looking so fast like we did, but things got a lot worse for me.  I’ve mentioned you to Jim several times and we’re glad you are selling lots of homes.  Thanks again Jarl for spending so much time with us like you did.  We did enjoy being around you and would highly recommend you to others. Take care.


Lynn & Jim Patterson



Testimonial 6-07-2011

Jarl showed us many houses. He was very honest about each property. He stressed the good points about a property and also was able to point out anything he felt was questionable and may need attention. He gave us lots of good advise.

Jim & Diane Hage



Testimonial 5-31-2011

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jarl. He was very professional and exceptional in his real estate knowledge. We felt completely confident in his skills. But more important even than that, is that Jarl is a compassionate, polite, very funny and just plain all around nice man. He was extremely helpful to us and we would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend his services to anyone interested in purchasing a home in the Mesa area.


Dale & Vickie Whitchey

Seattle, Washington


Testimonial One:

We had been looking for a winter home in Mesa for 5 years. We had worked with two Realtors and, after spending time with them, we got the feeling that they were there just to write up the purchase agreement but offered no guidance or advice to a client who was from out of the country.

We found Jarl on his web site. We contacted him and told him what we were looking for and he set off looking for what we asked him without even meeting us. He was not afraid of investing his time with us without the assurance that we would buy! He would visit listings and video tape the insides of the home, and send it off to us. This went on for months and then we took a trip down to Mesa.

Jarl does “Specialize” in Plus 55 communities. He told us of all the pro’s and con’s of each resort, and of each home. He would tell us what needed to be done now, and the approximate cost, and what could wait till later. He showed us other communities so we could compare. We finally found our winter home in November 2009 and are so happy with our choice “thanks to Jarl”. There were no surprises, we were well informed to the buying procedure, which is different than in Canada.

Jarl did not just make his sale and then forget about us. He would stop by to see how we were doing in our new home. Little did we know that now 6 months later our home would be subject to water damage. Who was the first one to offer HELP but Jarl. Since we were 3000 kms away he went down to see the damage, gave us advise on the steps to take, offered to pick me up at the airport, gave me his cell phone to use for the 9 days of meeting with different trades and is still there for us now that I am home.

We would recommend this Realtor to anyone looking to buy a home. We have bought 16 homes in our lives and we must say Jarl has by far been the most knowledgeable, reliable, honest man that we have had the experience of doing business with! If you pick “JARL” to do business with you have just made your first correct choice in buying your new home!

Thank You Jarl,

James and Diane Story



Testimonial Two:

I’ve worked with Jarl for close to 3 years now and am proud to recommend him as a client of Lawyers Title and as an agent here in Arizona. His professionalism and knowledge of the Retirement Communities in Arizona is remarkable, and his care for his clients speaks for itself. Jarl experience in his field is unheard of and he continues to do what is needed to take care of his clients and bring them the most updated information on his website and fan page.

If you are looking to retire and live in Arizona, Jarl is your man and will make the home sales process a great experience for you! How do “I know this because he uses Lawyers Title and I see the happiness and satisfaction of his clients at closing!

Anthony Penna
Lawyers Title of Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona


Testimonial Three:

I have been working with Jarl for a long time. For over 24 years he has been straight forward, knowledgeable and fast. Most of all he really cares.


Dave Dombrock