Top 10 Reasons Why you should have a buyer’s agent represent you when building new construction

Top 10 Reasons Why you should have a buyer’s agent represent you when building new construction

For the past 18 months several local builder have been struggling with construction timelines(mainly material supplies) and quality control. The builders labor force has shrunk and many of the new  labours are younger and in-experienced. I promise to help navigate the process of building a new home.   My service’s for new construction homes are:

  1. Community Tours prior to deciding on a particular community and builder
  2. Tips for lot selection(direction and location within the chosen community)
  3. We will always try to negotiate best possible price, terms and conditions in regards to base price, lot premiums, incentives, upgrades, and timelines.
  4. Design center insights for which upgrades add the most potential for future value.
  5. Review of builders contract
  6. Bi-weekly visits and critical time line visits to job site.
  7. We provide pictures and video of the construction progress  from each visit to the job site
  8. Assistance with resolving quality complaints with your builder’s representative
  9. Final walk-thru assistance (pointing out workmanship flaws).
  10. Review of final closing documents(checking for unfavourable numerical errors :-)).

Negotiating Sale Price *** UPDATE September 2021 *** With current real estate market condition(high demand / low inventory) the builder’s in most communities are “not” currently negotiating prices(base price, lot premiums, or upgrades). Most builders “are”still offering closing cost incentives if you agree to use their lender.

New Construction Home Tips

****Note *** To help you negotiate the best possible price, terms, and conditions with the builder, “I must accompany you on the First Visit.” When visiting the builder’s office at a new community, no matter how friendly the salesperson is that greets you at the door and registers your name — They represent the builder, not YOU! Their job is to get the builder the highest price and best possible terms and conditions.
Also, be careful what you say to the salesperson at the builder’s office, they can tell by your words and actions, how interested you are. This will affect your negotiations when moving forward with a new construction home. Most builder’s consider email correspondence and phone calls as your registration and therefore will not pay an agent for representing you.

If I have an agent represent me with a new build how are they paid? Builder’s are currently paying REALTOR’s® a reduced commission for representing home buyers(1.5% – 3.0% of base price only). This comes at no extra cost to you.  Get the representation you deserve. I will help you through the whole build process at no charge to you but, you have to contact me prior to calling, emailing or visiting the model homes.

New Home CommunitiesThere are many beautiful new up and coming communities offering a selection of new home style’s. Let me help guide you finding the community that best fits your budget and life style.

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